Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally at the Conference

July 21st - Chicago - Finally at the conference and finally in the tech room! Flew from Vancouver on the 19th and was lucky to catch an earlier flight than I had booked. Still it was about 5 p.m. by the time I got in. The first thing i did when I was in my room was to call Carol Miranda, a leader from the US. We had been leaders together in Hong Kong and she needed a room for one night. It was great to spend a few hours with her catching up. Great Thai food at the Tamarind just across from the Hilton.Chicago really is a windy city. We sat outside as it was a warm evening. We both went up to a special gathering of the Asia, south pacific zone. It was great to see old friends and hear about the great things happening in Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and feast on snacks several different countries. I also met my roommate Kathryn Oliver - Garrett who has been in Japan for 4 years and is now moving back to the Us.
By the time we went to bed it was after midnight.
In the morning (couldn't sleep and woke at 5) met up at 7 with Sarah Hung, my leader/friend from Hong Kong, Ruth McCallister from Victoria and Carol and had a huge breakfast at the Bongo room.
About this time my ears started to hurt and slowly go worse throught out the day. Still I finally got to see some of Chicago meet up with my sister, brother in law and niece. We got back to the hotel just in time to collect my Canadian tshirt. Walking in red with the other 45+ Canadians was great and of course seeing the founders was very emotional. Unfortunately my ears by this time were extremely painful so in the end I left before Michael Brandwein had finished and called a doctor via the hotel. Lovely woman who gave me a lovely expensive prescription. Thank goodness for insurance.
Today I feel much better. I have attended my first CE session listening to James McKenna - a wonderful speaker talking about co-sleeping. From there it was a rush to the CE luncheon. I sat at a table with strangers (I enjoy meeting people) but by the end had met friends. Finally caught up with another ex Hong Kong leader Tanja Knutson. Lovely to see her.While we had lunch Dr. Nils Bergman gave a very enjoyable talk on Mother Baby togetherness. Now I am off to listen to another session. I will check in again soon.
I am hoping to see more of the exhibits and book shop. It 's great to be here.

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