Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July and counting

Hello all,
I've just returned from a Canada Day Long weekend camping with my family. Happy 4th of July tomorrow to all American Leaders! This was the first camping experience of the summer. For my family it is still a new experience as up until 3 years ago my children had never experienced the great outdoors in a tent because they lived in Hong Kong.
My oldest child just turned 16 so we sat down and watched a video my mother had made of him at 3 months. Max was born in Brunei, Borneo and now that he is older he is much more interested in seeing where he lived for the first six months of his life. It's a long way from Sooke British Columbia. We do still live near the water though so that hasn't changed. He and his brother are in sea cadets so they are off to camp for six weeks on Saturday!! Seems like yesterday they were babies.
I am getting quited exited about meeting all the Canadian leaders. Sounds as though the red and white will really be on display on opening night!
I was thinking of how different this conference already is with all the internet traffic/ lists / blogs ... it makes everyone seem so much nearer.
Gotta run -

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