Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday July 16th - Nearly there

Hello again,
in 3 days I will be on my way to Chicago. This past Friday the 13th (it's our lucky number) Rob and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. Friends looked after the girls and they didn't come back till yesterday. We went to a great B&B on Pender Island. Anyhow I realized how much I missed having the kids around. The boys have been at Sea Cadet Camp for a week now so it was very strange for us to return home on Saturday night to an empty house. It will be hard to leave on Wednesday night especially to go to a La Leche conference where I have always had a child with me.
I just found out that my sister is driving from Ottawa to Chicago to pick up her daughter so I may be able to see some of my family. I am just trying to figure out when. It may have to be in the middle of the night looking at my conference planner! Luckily I have most of the 20th free.
I started to pack .... can't decide what to wear for the final night so have two outfits! Also lots of tshirts from past conferences. Can't wait to see the exhibit hall and book store.
Not sure if I will have time to post agian before I leave so the next time you hear from me it may be at the conference!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judi. Hope the trip is a good one and that you meet lots of old and new friends at the conference. Pender Island sounds great, a friend of mine at work has a cabin there on one of the lakes.

See you when you get back home,