Monday, August 6, 2007

Conference Memories

Hello all,
can't believe it has come and gone. I wish I could have blogged more when I was at the conference. One of the difficulties was that I was attending CE sessions and often didn't get to the blog/computer room before it closed!! And it always seemed to open after a session started!!
There are so many great memories of the conference. Personally it was reconnecting with old friends from around the world. There is so much happening in La Leche League internationally. Lots of great area conferences in Asia - Japan is gearing up for a 2ned conference next year, there is talk of one in Hong Kong and a bigger one in New Zealand!!!
I really enjoyed meeting with my two roommates Kathryn and Sheryl - now with faces to names I am sure we will keep in touch via email.
As for sessions they all were great. The CE luncheons with speakers such as Nils Bergman,Linda Smith and Peter Hartmann were wonderful. It was also fun to sit with strangers. I was lucky as I know some people were ill after the conference. I never had a problem with the food. I was glad I went to both the tea and the Gala Awards. There was a great slide presentation of mothers around the world and it was very inspiring to acknowledge leaders who had founded groups around the world over the last 50 years!
The Celebration dinner was an interesting mix of Country music with Billy Dean and more classical songs. It was inspiring to hear all about Chele Marmet who was honoured for her work.
Lastly it was empowering just to be with other mothers and families who believe so much in the power of breastfeeding.

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